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1 July 2008

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lalena on A break in a faithful life
Muy buena composición. Reune todos los elementos!

bm on A break in a faithful life
you did a great job composing this shot. perhaps the color tones could be a bit richer, the lights and contrast are ...

MaryB on A break in a faithful life
A magnificent image, the colours and composition are glorious!

bm on Recuerdos
looks like it came from grandma's album, nice job!

yatusabes on Recuerdos
q tal acavastes el finde yo reventado con el viaje de vuelta pero contento me lo he pasado teta un saludo a buenas ...

MaryB on Recuerdos
Wonderful processing!

Ana Lúcia on Pretty eyes
What a face! I just love the colors and the feathers.

MaryB on 3
Great textures going on in this shot, and it works well with the song too.

bm on The catcher in the tyres
Wicked candid - so many layers of potential meaning, wonderfully done!

Betty on 3
I really like this composition, Jorge! Well done.

MaryB on The catcher in the tyres
So many tyres, and yes, you can see by his expression that he is not happy. A very good shot.

VAMPI on Stairway to Heaven
no es vamoi, es VAMPI coño!

vamoi on Stairway to Heaven
cheveré cheveré.... muy bien, veo que has dejado de ser un guatequero para hacerte cazador...(de ...

Syazone on Declive
what a perfect picture~

buko on Stairway to Heaven
Eres mas feo que tu búho disecado. un abrazo dr. house.

Edus on Stairway to Heaven
Las fotos muy bien, pero para cuándo un desnudo?

bello on Rugged Magazine #15
hey! revistica del Almacén eh? Muy buena idea lo de colgar tus fotos, así te seguimos en tu viaje a ...

Lady T on Stairway to Heaven
George!!! Muchas gracias por avisar de que siges enREDando en la red, y por supuesto muchas gracias por compartir estas ...

javi on Stairway to Heaven
esta foto me sugiere....TE KIERO!

bm on La torre bajo el agua
that sky is amazing, I love the angle as well...and the song: well, it's a classic! good choice!

MaryB on Stairway to Heaven
Stunning architecture, beautifully photographed Jorge. I really like the way you add a piece of music or song to ...

MaryB on La torre bajo el agua
One of my all time favourite songs, I think it's a wonderful choice for this wonderful shot.

MaryB on What are you looking at?
I've had to comment on this Jorge, it's a superb shot. The detail, colour and clarity are amazing. Welcome to ...

apl on Declive
gracias por visitar mi blog, te seguire de ceraca, no bajes la guardia! ;-)

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